Every parent of a pre-kindergarten student must make a critical decision: which kindergarten program is best for their kid. Kindergarten programs are becoming more common in public institutions. Parents of our students must now choose whether to send their children to a local public school for kindergarten or stay with The Beginning Montessori.

We understand how challenging this decision may be. However, we’ve witnessed how much our kids gain from finishing their kindergarten year with us at Montessori West Hills. We take kids at the Kindergarten Program, of 5-6 years old. There are many compelling reasons to spend your kindergarten year at The Beginning Montessori. Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

Take Into Consideration The Entire School Community

It’s easy to focus on the teacher while looking for an appropriate kindergarten program, but it’s also essential to look at the whole school to see if it seems like a “home” to your child. You select a school rather than an instructor. It’s lovely if your youngster adores their kindergarten instructor. While choosing the best Montessori schools follow these things,

  • Look for a teacher that is both energetic and inspirational.
  • Learning should be fun.
  • Look for a well-balanced curriculum.
  • Check the class size.
  • See daily timetable.

A Love towards Learning 

Kindergarten kids are naturally interested in the world around them, and our educational curriculum has been created to foster that curiosity. We provide them the assurance they need to continue pushing their boundaries, exploring, and learning new things every day. We take full responsibility for kids (5-6 years old).

Learning is also more exciting and energetic with our active, hands-on approach. As a result, our pupils are never bored while learning our Kindergarten Program.

The kindergarten capstone year is ideal for fostering a lifetime love of learning in our pupils. Understanding and knowing things become a source of pride and true success when you mentor younger pupils. Knowing about something is one thing, but putting it to benefit someone else is the only way to understand and appreciate its worth truly.


We make every effort to provide a well-rounded curriculum to prepare your kid for success in the kindergarten program. We offer age-appropriate academic lessons, followed by sensory exercises and art. When your children are ready to move on from preschool, they will have a solid intellectual and social foundation.

Daily Activities

Every day at Kindergarten Montessori west hills is full of fun, adventure, and academics. We use music, dance and math, science, and reading. Our circle time is complete with beautiful stories and music. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are available and sleep time for those who require it.

Boost Up The Mind And Self Confidence

It’s all about practice and repetition in kindergarten. It’s a moment for students to apply what they’ve learned and develop new and innovative methods to do so. Kindergarten kids clearly understand their skills, which boosts their self-esteem.

Students in The Beginning Montessori kindergarten curriculum have lots of opportunities to work independently. Our kids are given self-correcting learning resources. That means the students can assess their progress, notice and diagnose issues when they encounter them, and devise a solution to the problem. To put it another way, they’re already using problem-solving abilities.

To Sum Up
Kindergarten is a crucial stage in a child’s development. The information, abilities, and personality qualities kids gain throughout that year will significantly impact their academic and life success. As a result, selecting the best Montessori schools for your child’s kindergarten year might make all the difference.