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Our Preschool Program 4-5 Years Old

We have fully accredited Montessori teachers, and our classrooms are thoughtfully equipped to meet the developmental, social, and emotional requirements of preschool children. Many of our materials were designed by Maria Montessori herself, they are inviting and build the foundation for math, language, reading, and writing. Child-sized furniture, low shelves, and attractive artwork encourage the children to move easily and comfortably through the room.

Our Preschool Classrooms

Our Preschool Offers

♥ Carefully selected materials based on your child’s age and needs.

♥ Teaching that encourages self awareness & independence.

♥ Comprehensive care, individualized for each child at their own pace.

♥ Mixed age group classrooms to build confidence & self-esteem.

♥ Options for before & after school care

♥  Secured and Gated Outdoor Playgrounds.

♥ Height appropriate outdoor lunch tables.

♥ Extracurricular activities (Multiple Five Star enrichment programs for multiple ages) Karate, Tennis, Chess & Sports mania

♥ Mini Olympics


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