Toddlers 2-4 Years Old With Optimum Early Learning.

Imagine a world where toddlers learn effortlessly, develop independence, and find joy in every discovery. At The Beginning Montessori, we embrace the unique potential of 2-4 year olds, nurturing their minds with Dr. Maria Montessori’s proven philosophy.

Our Classroom

Toddler Classs activity
Toddler Classs

The Absorbent Mind:

Dr.Montessori recognized the “Sensitive Periods” in early childhood, windows of time when children are naturally drawn to specific skills. Our environment is designed to harness these periods, allowing toddlers to:

♥ Absorb Language Like Sponges: Immersed in rich vocabulary and gentle conversation, toddlers effortlessly acquire new words, developing a love for language and clear communication.

Embrace Order and Independence: Our thoughtfully organized classrooms foster a sense of calm and predictability, guiding toddlers toward self-reliance and good habits that last a lifetime.

♥ Become Confident Explorers: We provide age-appropriate materials and activities that spark curiosity and encourage exploration, empowering toddlers to learn by doing and discover their unique talents.

A Nurturing Nest for Every Infant:

The Beginning Montessori understands the importance of a gentle start. Our infant program, inspired by Dr. Montessori’s “Nido” concept, is a haven of warmth and love. Imagine:

♥ Calm, Loving Care: Soft tones, a relaxed pace, and home-like décor create a secure environment where each baby thrives.

Individualized Attention: We recognize each infant’s unique needs and offer personalized care that fosters emotional well-being and intellectual development.

♥ A World of Discovery:  Our carefully chosen materials and activities support each stage of infant growth, encouraging exploration and learning at their own pace.

Fully Accredited Montessori Teachers

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Montessori Preschool West Hills CA
Montessori Preschool West Hills CA
Montessori Preschool West Hills CA
Montessori Preschool West Hills CA
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