Toddlers 2-4 Years Old With Optimum Early Learning.

Dr. Montessori found that during toddler years, a young child has a distinct aptitude for learning certain things:

Sensitive to order –  we build on that importance to create good habits that last a lifetime.

Absorb language from their surroundings –  learning big words effortlessly and with pleasure – and they become happier learning words to express their desires, rather than crying or having tantrums.

Willing & independent – we guide them in learning to do things by themselves, this develops their awareness of self-efficiency.

Our Classroom

Choosing the Montessori toddler program rather than standard childcare center has many benefits, here’s a few to consider:

♥ A positive toilet learning experience. Nearly all children can be diaper free before they turn 3.

♥ Fewer struggles. Montessori toddlers learn how to truly do things themselves, making family meals more enjoyable and fun, and getting out of the house easier.

♥ Learning to play happily by themselves. toddlers learn to play independently. It may surprise you how your child can occupy themselves cheerfully, and without your continual attention, no baby sitting by TV anymore

♥ An increase in language ability. Many parents report that their children’s vocabulary improved within a few months of our program. With better language skills interactions with your child can be more fun, and fewer tantrums triggered by not being understood.

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Montessori Preschool West Hills CA
Montessori Preschool West Hills CA
Montessori Preschool West Hills CA
Montessori Preschool West Hills CA
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