Choosing the right Montessori school for your child is an important decision that can shape their educational journey. If you’re located in West Hills and searching for the top Montessori schools in the area, this article is here to help. We’ll provide you with eight essential questions to ask when choosing a Montessori school, ensuring that you make an informed and confident decision for your child’s education. Let’s dive in!

What is the Montessori philosophy and approach followed by the school?

Understanding the school’s commitment to the Montessori philosophy is crucial. Inquire about their approach to child-centered learning, mixed-age classrooms, hands-on materials, and respect for individuality. A genuine Montessori school will align its practices with the principles developed by Maria Montessori.

Is the school accredited or affiliated with any Montessori organizations?

Accreditation or affiliation with respected Montessori organizations like the American Montessori Society (AMS) or the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) indicates that the school meets recognized standards of Montessori education.

What is the teacher-to-student ratio in the classrooms?

Low teacher-to-student ratios are essential for personalized attention and guidance. Inquire about the average class size and ensure that it allows for individualized instruction and support.

What qualifications and experience do the teachers hold?

Montessori teachers should be trained in Montessori methodology. Ask about their Montessori certification, educational background, and experience working with children in a Montessori environment.

How are the Montessori materials incorporated into the curriculum?

Montessori materials are an integral part of the learning experience. Inquire how the school utilizes these materials to foster hands-on, experiential learning and to support the development of key skills and concepts.

How does the school support social and emotional development?

A holistic Montessori education focuses not only on academic growth but also on social and emotional development. Ask how the school promotes independence, empathy, conflict resolution, and the development of a strong sense of community.

What extracurricular activities and enrichment programs are offered?

Enrichment programs can enhance your child’s learning experience. Inquire about opportunities for physical education, arts, music, foreign languages, and other activities that complement the Montessori curriculum.

Can you visit the school and observe a classroom in action?

Nothing beats first hand experience. Request a visit to the school to observe a classroom in action. This will give you a sense of the environment, the interaction between teachers and students, and how the Montessori philosophy is implemented.


Choosing the right Montessori preschool in California for your child in West Hills requires careful consideration. By asking these eight important questions, you can gain valuable insights into the school’s commitment to the Montessori philosophy, the qualifications of the teachers, the classroom environment, and the overall educational experience provided. Take the time to research and visit the top Montessori schools in West Hills, and trust your instincts to make the best decision for your child’s future. Happy school hunting!