Preschool before kindergarten! Do you think your kid is too small to adjust to a structured atmosphere?  Don’t worry! Preschool will only do good to your child. Your little ones are at that phase of life where their brain develops rapidly along with self-confidence, social skills and rudimentary knowledge that makes them ready for a kindergarten program. There are several reasons why your child should enroll in a Montessori preschool program. Here are a few top reasons listed below. 

# Foundation for learning – socially and academically

Young kids are curious and observant by nature. They are eager to learn those skills which their family and society value, like reading directions to assemble their toy or picking the right bills or coins for payment. To make your kids ready for academic demands, the preschool will provide many games and activities that will master your child in academic and social skills. 

# Opportunity to be in a structured setting

Enrolling your kids in a preschool is an excellent opportunity for them to be in an organized set of teachers and folks of kids who will easily learn to share and follow instructions, ask their questions, share their doubts, take turns, and adjust in a group. 

# Prepare kids for elementary school where things are more academic

Most parents are afraid that preschool focuses on pre-math and pre-literacy skills, which will let their little one grow up too soon. That won’t let them have the necessary playtime that they deserve. Preschool offers high-quality education where learning and playing happen simultaneously. Learning will be undoubtedly fun for you!

# social and emotional development of your child

Preschool allows your child to learn how to compromise, be respectful and learn to solve problems. Your little one will gain self-confidence, mingling with their peers and exploring their strengths and weaknesses. 

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