Montessori is famous as an approach for teaching preschool and primary age kids. This remarkable movement was started by a visionary doctor, Maria Montessori, an expert in pediatric medicine in Rome. She initiated her work with children of poor families in the ghettos of Rome. Captivatingly enough, Montessori appealed to the rest of the world, including North America, especially the upper and middle-class parents. 

Let’s know five unknown facts regarding the Montessori schools before you put your child into the best Montessori schools near me. 

1 . The United States has over 8000 Montessori schools

The American Montessori Society, established in 1929, includes most of the Montessori schools. Depending on the association a school belongs to, it decides the regional and state associations available to it of which it may be a member. Once you search for the best Montessori near me on Google, you can find dozens to pick from. 

2 . Not every Montessori school is the genuine article

Dr. Maria Montessori did not trademark the name “Montessori.” That gives the liberty to anyone to call their school’s name Montessori. However, does that mean every school clings to the principles and methods of Dr. Montessori? Not exactly. You will understand its authenticity only if you know what you are looking for and what questions to ask. A Montessori school teacher is well trained, credentialed and experienced in the Montessori principles and methods. 

3. Montessori schools are individually owned and operated

These schools are not a franchise operation. Every school is under individual ownership and operation. Some schools are proprietary schools under the ownership of an individual, whereas some are not-for-profit organizations supervised by trustees.

4.  Montessori schools are regarded as progressive schools

You will be disappointed if you are in search of a conventional style of teacher-directed learning. Montessori schools are progressive schools where the classes are multi-age and teacher-guided. Teachers are always on the sideline, guiding, observing and enhancing the learning process. 

5 . Montessori schools have specially designed materials

Dr. Montessori has designed sensorial materials to develop the five senses of a child altogether. It includes the cylinder blocks, the pink tower, the brown stair, the red rods and many more. 

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