Pre-school is the first school a child goes to learn his first lessons, a lot of cries might happen on the first day. Leaving their parents seems like the end of the world for these little ones, but they will get adjusted to it in no time. Once the orientation session is done, both sides feel safe the child and the parent, a great advantage. Preschool programs make life easier for the child; the Beginning Montessori has everything ready for your child.


  • Many preschoolers feel safe and sound on their first day of school.
  • Children are naturally supported by their families and ready to independent ways.
  • Logistics such as pick/drop system, communication system are understood very well by the parents, and they are ready to cooperate.
  • Good daily chores like folding clothes, meal making, cleaning tables after eating are developed in children as they are invited to do it.
  • Teachers get to teach new students and cultivate good qualities in them and enjoy playing with them too.

Including this in your preschool program benefits the students as they get a head start and a good introduction.


Parents of new students are called mandatory, as it becomes much more accessible in an offline format. A one-on-one session is the best way for any student to get to know their teachers, along with several materials and logistics used in classrooms. When the child is away with the teacher, parents and the mentors talk regarding daily activities and logistics and ways to support optimal brain development. When the meat is done, parents can meet the child and the teacher; mentors go from class to class to invite various children on a walking tour. The school building, as well as the surroundings, are shown beautifully. Preschools near you should include it to bring the best out of the institutions! Montessori programs run the best after each orientation program, and students leave in a bright mood. The Beginning Montessori has always believed in the power of good orientation programs and give the best one!


This is the best part of the day as they enjoy walking through their surroundings as they have no idea to walk in lines, but at the end of the day, they walk in lines like pros. The best way to walk with a child is to hold their hands and walk peacefully along with the group, show them the paintings around, and ask them about their imagination on the painting. Children love playing with colors, so paintings would surely capture their hearts to the maximum! Montessori programs should indeed include this in their curriculum for the best of the child. Making them walk behind the teacher with their hands behind is the best way to do this as they know that the teacher is the leader and follow them too. Doing this from day one makes things much easier for the child to walk in lines during the regular school hours; preschools near you should be doing it.


  1. Get at least 1-5 families in a day. Make it one family per teacher for each time slot; most preschool programs function on this.
  2. Assigning a mentor to talk with parents
  3. Flexibility in orientations by taking in all the newcomers
  4. Trying the run with your school staff.
  5. Bring your food/ water for the whole day as you would need them quite often.

So if you are ready to admit your child to a Montessori, The beginning Montessori is the best place to get the best out of your child.