After a long year of pandemics, we are ready to bring your child back to MONTESSORI’S SUMMER CAMPSThe Beginning Montessori Children House is organizing WOODLAND HILLS MONTESSORI SUMMER camp for your child, and this is a perfect opportunity for your child to take part in 8 weeks long summer camp by BEST MONTESSORI SCHOOL IN WEST HILLS which will enhance their social and emotional development and will enrich your child’s experience with science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths. After a year of virtual learning which tends to become monotonous, we are trying to make the academic rhythm of your child by scheduling activities from fine arts to dance and from culinary lessons to dramatic activities and various other activities. This summer camp will also prepare your child for the upcoming academic year.

What do we do this year?

We are providing numerous opportunities to your child for their development, creativity, active play, and interaction with their friends. Children age between 3 to10 years will learn a lot by interacting with our high profiled teacher. They will also get fresh air and sunshine in the recently refurbished playground and enhance their physical and mental development. Every day, students at our school will learn about a new topic. The strong academic component assures that students not only finish the summer camp feeling like they’ve learned something about the key topic, but they’ll also feel refreshed because they won’t be burdened with the daily responsibilities of school life. Our carefully crafted curriculum and organized atmosphere provide your child with independence while also providing guidance.

Special Diet

At Montessori school, your child learns to enjoy whole foods, to listen to his or her own body, and form a healthy relationship with food. The children’s meals, made from scratch in our commercial kitchen, are rich in whole grains, a variety of fresh, colorful, locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and lean protein such as Tofu, soybeans, and seeds as well as chicken, beans, and legumes. Extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, and sesame oil are among the high-quality plant oils utilized in the preparation. Our organic meal program is offered at no additional cost. Healthy and tasty snacks and food are also available for your child with before school care and after school care.

Life in our camp

The Beginning Montessori Children House provides quality and fun summer camp experience for your child. Each day in this summer camp will come with new challenges, tasks, adventures, and a lot of fun. From cooking to dance, your child will explore a wide range of activities in our camp. Each day in this camp is fun to live. Your child will interact with nature in a safe environment. We understand that a child learns better with physical interaction with their teachers, so become a part of this summer camp by enrolling your child in SUMMER CAMP WOODLAND HILLS.

Montessori school is going to offer educational programs in the summer months. Our school summer camp combines both the physical and emotional development of your child with exciting endeavours involving art, music, science, culture and more.

Benefits of this Summer Camp

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means your children will have more freedom throughout the day, and your worrying will increase. You don’t want your young children to be on their own while you are at work. And dropping them off at a friend’s house can be a huge burden for your friends. Summer camps are a great choice for children and for their parents. 

Our summer camp is one such option that allows your child to learn, explore, play, and grow. We The Beginning Montessori Children House provide one such option. We not only provide pre-primary, early childhood, and primary schools for children, but we also provide summer programs to keep your children involved in learning while having fun.

Our summer can boast a long list of the good for your children:

  • A chance to be a leader.
  • Learning by doing
  • Direct contact with nature
  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • Genuine fun
  • Attachment to Reality

Montessori’s Response to COVID-19

We will try our utmost to provide a safe place for your child in our school, so come and join us to make fun. We will follow the most up-to-date guidelines supplied by the local health department. Currently, their advice recommends maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and washing hands often. We sterilize frequently used surfaces and objects as well. Montessori School has first-hand experience following these protocols.


Your child is a one-of-a-kind individual who deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and care. Each kid possesses inherent social, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities that may be developed in an environment that promotes self-paced learning and discovery supports individuation, and allows children to develop their own intrinsic nature. Our school is aimed at the overall development of students and to bring in qualitative improvement.